World’s First Cougar Cruise to Set Sail in December

September 16th, 2009


Ahoy there, Jack Sparrow. Here’s a ship’s company that would welcome any young pirate with Johnny Depp’s good looks. But don’t bring along your girlfriend. This sailing is for cougars, those older women who desire younger men … and the young male bon vivants who love them. Or want to love them.

This week, word comes that Carnival Cruises, yes, the fun ships, will play host to the first International Cougar Cruise, which will set sail from San Diego on December 4 aboard the appropriately named ship, The Elation.

This latest innovation comes via the Singles Travel Company, which has prepared a 3-day long weekend cruise that sails to Mexico and back. The cruise promises dancing and socializing every night along with other get-togethers during the day.

Adults of all ages are invited, which kind of spoils it, don’t you think? There should be some upward age limit for the “cubs,” or no? Perhaps 35?

Ahoy, boyz, on the Carnival Elation

Ahoy, boyz, on the Carnival Elation

Thank you, MSNBC. For reminding us this morning what really happened on 9-11

September 11th, 2009

This morning from 8:45 – noon, MSNBC, alone among the mainstream media, re-ran without commercial interruption their whole, hideous, gut-wrenching, horrifying, still-looks-like-a-movie coverage of the events as they happened on the morning of 9/11.01. On that morning, starting out late in the middle of the last half hour of The Today Show with Katie, Matt and Al and running for hours, the typically perky morning featurette team (who were later joined by Tom Brokaw), grappled live on air with reality after reality as it happened to us on a day that nobody should forget. MSNBC re-ran it all today, warts and all.

Through all the trivialization of this date (calling it a “national day of service”), and the various commemorative news reports, wreath-laying and other nonsense, the eloquence of re-running the actual event live without commentary, communicates the enormity of the day most effectively.

Some commentors have taken MSNBC to task for replaying the sequence, calling it deplorable.

Know what I think is deplorable? Glossing over the fact that thousands of our neighbors, sitting at their desks on in their airplane seats were slaughtered on our own soil.

And some of us are too squeamish to face it any more.

Meet the stupid boomers who downsized their home, enraged their family to only net $50,000

September 10th, 2009

There’s a fairly responsible story this morning in the New York Times called When Home Shrinks about the baby boom driving a growing new market for smaller empty-nester homes. But as the NYT so often does, they find as exemplars a collection of clucks who make such bad personal decisions that they taint the whole notion the article is describing.

Anyway, here is the story of a couple who, in a putatively smart effort to prepare for leaner days ahead, decided to sell the crazy kid-centric palace they built for their little darlings (complete with pool, hot tub, paved basketball court, etc.) while the kiddos had still not fully fledged … and during the current housing market free-fall . . . causing a generational shit storm but netting very few dollars to show for their trouble.

In addition to an exploded family, because these geniuses voluntarily sold in this market (no mention of any financial distress) and had to dip into savings for closing costs . . . and then decided to build new rather than buying one of the many foreclosure steals that dot the real estate landscape everywhere, they walked away with only $50,000 to show for their time and trouble.

Let it be a cautionary tale.

Downsizing is smart. Unless you do it stupidly.

What Happened to America? Check out ‘The People of Walmart’

September 9th, 2009

Want proof that what used to be our middle class is devolving into something unrecognizable right before our very eyes? Check out the new photoblog called The People of Walmart for an up-to-the-nanosecond look at the tawdry tee shirts, terrifying tattoos and truly odd car art that’s sadly emblematic of our new permanent underclass.  Oh, and it’s funny, too.  Hideously so.

Wait till this crew gets mad.  And then organized.


At least you’re not 25: Now kids have “a quarterlife crisis”

September 9th, 2009

Picture 11

You’ve seen these kids at work or at Starbucks. Dreary, ass-dragging, listless little slackers completely disassociated from work, others, seemingly anything. That’s because a certain number of our over – indulged adult 20-something children are having something they’re calling a Quarterlife Crisis. Yes, it’s a condition that is most definitely All Our Fault. Here’s what they say about it:

“When a contemporary 25-year-old’s parents were 25, they weren’t concerned with keeping their options open: they were purposefully buying houses, making babies and making partner. Now, who we are and what we do is up to us, unbound to existing communities, families and class structures that offer leisure and self-determination to just a few. Boomer and post-boom parents with more money and autonomy than their predecessors has resulted in benignly self-indulgent children who were sold on their own uniqueness, place in the world and right to fulfillment in a way no previous generation has felt entitled to, and an increasingly entrepreneurial, self-driven creation myth based on personal branding, social networking and untethered lifestyle spending is now responsible for our identities.”


Read about the laughably dismal scene at Welcome To Your Quarterlife Crisis

Just a little lovin’: Courtney Cox in Cougar Town 9.23

September 9th, 2009

Okay, she’s not technically a boomer, she’s a flat-out slackergirl, but we love Courtney Cox, we understand her, and we heartily endorse her getting it on with younger men. And here she’s starring in her very own comedy on a used-to-be-major network and all. Here’s the preview of the ABC series which will debut on Sept 23 at 9:30.

Deal Du Jour: 90% off coupons at

September 9th, 2009

Okay, I tried this myself. Right up here in the sticks. And they actually have really decent restaurants within 10 miles and if you write NINETY into the coupon code before 9.13.09, the discount coupons are 90% off. Yes, it’s a crazy commentary on the desperate times in the restaurant trade, but hey, it’s a great deal! NInety Percent Off Deal

Now, don’t go and embarrass our entire generation by showing up for the friggin early bird special, you hear?

Picture 8

Walter Cronkite Memorial: More Video Highlights

September 9th, 2009

Today at the memorial service for Walter Cronkite, the wonderful Bob Schieffer, the last man in television with a sense of proportion (and humor), relates how Walter Cronkite stole a scoop right out from under Barbra Walters:

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Walter Cronkite Memorial: Video Highlights

September 9th, 2009

Not one, but two Presidents went to Lincoln Center today to honor our Uncle Walter. Here’s President Obama’s remarks:

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Boomer Porn-a-thon! Beatles Guitar Hero Lands 09.09.09

September 9th, 2009